Who are these courses for?

At SitTight we recognise that child restraints have a reputation for being challenging to understand and install. This doesn’t have to be the case. We have designed courses which simplify the puzzle. You will find a course for you if you are:

  • Parents expecting your first child: "First Car Seat - The Basics" is the 45 minute course for you.

  • Parents and other caregivers who install child restraints in your vehicle: "Child Restraints - The Technical Side" will give you what you need. Coming soon!

  • Midwives fielding questions from clients that relate to car seat use: "NZ Midwives - Car Seat Education" takes 45 minutes and will support you in your role.

  • Home-based childcare providers, nannies and au pairs: our "Community & Childcare Services Course" provides a 2 hour comprehensive overview ensuring the children you are responsible for are travelling safely in your care.

  • Community service providers such as Whanau Ora, community medical services, foster care providers, transport agencies: upskill your staff in this vital area of child passenger safety by having them complete our 2 hour "Community & Childcare Services Course". Please contact us to discuss corporate pricing plans.

  • Rental vehicle operators: provide professional development to your staff and give parents reassurance that your organisation recognises the importance of getting this part of your business right. Run your team through our 90 minute "SitTight for the Rental Vehicle Industry" programme.

Meet Your Instructor:

Danielle Beh - Child Restraint Technician, CRT Trainer / Assessor

Danielle's experience working with child restraints spans a number of years in the public and private sectors. She has extensive knowledge of child restraints, the safe & correct use of these, and training customers and staff on the subject. This education and training expertise is now available to you through SitTight's range of online courses. Danielle works with a variety of private and public organisations nationwide, to promote and educate on improvements in child passenger safety. She co-chairs the NZTA's national child restraint expert reference group.
Danielle Beh, Child Restraint Technician Trainer & Assessor for SitTight

What do people say about Danielle?

Natasha Lepper

Independent Child Restraint Technician & Trainer / Assessor

"As a trainer/assessor myself, I am very grateful to be associated with Danny as her level of knowledge and training really demonstrates the standard of excellence we are always striving for in this industry. I consider Danny to be one of the elite educators in child restraint safety and a valuable person to know."

Fabulous Course